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Exploring Atlanta’s Street Art

Punches of color in an otherwise gray color scheme of asphalt & concrete – it’s one of the things I love most about street art. It just makes me happy.

If you can look at that street art and not smile, I’m not sure we can be friends.

It broke my heart to leave the Triangle area in North Carolina, but finding out Atlanta has a strong street art scene has been a bit of a band aid on my broken heart. My husband and I used to have regular early Sunday-morning dates to look at street art before we moved to the Triangle. We were close to downtown, even if it was a small one, and enjoyed strolling around with a coffee in hand, hoping to be surprised by a quirky find on a random wall.

When we moved to North Carolina, it became more of a hassle to drive to downtown Raleigh & we didn’t have our street-strolling dates. But we got in one street art stroll before we moved away and Raleigh had some fun street art.

I don’t know why the cat is holding a crown and pearls, but it’s funny.

About a month and a half into living in Atlanta, we finally had a low-key weekend & had time to drive into the city early one morning. Early is the key word here because Atlanta traffic, you guys. Holy cow.

All of these photos are from the Krog Street market area.

There are several other hot areas of street art in Atlanta and they are definitely on my “awesome adulting” list to check out. If you’re in the Krog street area, there’s a little donut place we found that serves Counter Culture coffee, our favorite coffee from the Triangle area. (Man, I miss RTP.)



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