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A Bookworm Party, Lockdown Style

Are you lockdown?

Me too.

I’m a solid introvert, so you’d think I’d be in my element, spending so much time home and away from other people. But after several weeks of this…


It’s hard to keep life feeling like, well, life. To keep energy up while looking at the same four walls day after day after day after day.

My energy and zest is flailing.

I haven’t put on pants with a zipper in three weeks. At this point I’m scared to. (I’m working on that quarantine fifteen.)

While spending another busy afternoon lazing on my couch in a state of semi-depression and elastic-waisted pants, I flipped through some old photos and felt something I haven’t felt in weeks.


I landed on photos from last summer’s bookworm party.

Aww! Wasn’t that fun! With libraries closed, will I be able to do that again this summer? What if I can’t? It’s my baby’s last summer before his senior year so I’ll never get to do a summer bookworm party again! OMG, now I have to cry. 

We just started Animal Farm this week, probably our last book for the school year. 

What if, I thought.

What if we did a Golden Line party? I’ll take the lines we highlight from the book and print them up like this…

and make cookies to eat.

And we’ll just celebrate finishing the book. Maybe? Is that my goal? Just the two of us, eating cookies and looking at printed out lines we picked from the book? What’s the point again? Will it mean anything? WHAT EVEN HAS MEANING ANYMORE?! 

I don’t know. I do know those cookies will help me get to that quarantine fifteen goal, though.

Maybe more inspiration will come as I read the book. 

We could look at the lines from the element of surprise.

See? More ideas are already coming. 

Sometimes we have to pay attention to the spark, even when it’s fleeting. Feed it some oxygen. Give it space to grow. And then just do the thing, even if we aren’t sure the point.