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How Far Will Expectations Get You?

Is it enough to expect our kids to write and then just require them to do it? Or do we need to do the very things we’re asking our kids to do? Can I turn my teens into Brave Writers if I’m not one myself?

I don’t have a clear answer. All I have is my own experience, which is when I do the things – okay, most of the things – I ask my high schoolers to do, I’m more compassionate and empathetic towards what they’re going through as they learn.

There’s a strong correlation between the relationship with the teacher and the student’s learning. The kids know when we sincerely relate to what they’re going through vs paying lip service. When we’re willing to work just as hard vs passing the buck to them. They know it.

So I’m in the weeds. Writing for myself. And for them too in a way. I see them. I feel it – the anxiety of a blank page, the challenge of organizing my thoughts, making them clear to others, the fear of other people’s judgment.

I also feel the thrill. What makes writing fun? What conditions help someone write? How do I know unless I experiment for myself?

So yesterday I wrote in my basement, a place with no windows, scruffy walls needing new paint, no gorgeous view of a wooded backyard to distract me. Basically a cave. With air conditioning. And a cat.

I snipped and pinned my own work. My boys came down and were like, what is Mom doing in the basement?

I’m writing! Look at my mess! Isn’t it great?!

What did I learn about myself as a writer? The basement cave was productive. Cafe mochas help me focus. And I have things to say.



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  • I bought this game and plan to play it first day of school on Monday. I figured I should play around with it beforehand. I rolled these literally the first time. The dice don’t lie. #metaphordice #homeschoolhighschool #secularhomeschool
  • Question! Are all of these buttons the same as the 8 cycle choices on a washing machine? No one ever uses them?
  • Need
  • Front and center in my literature teaching notes. Eudora Welty because we need to remember there are no right or wrong answers to literature. My public school years of multiple choice quizzes marked right or wrong brainwashed me. Welty’s quote un-brainwashes me.
The literature compass because it’s easy to get overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS the experts say we should teach with literature. “The Close Reading monster asks kids as young as elementary school to use the level of challenging analysis that my daughter faced as a college English major!” (Trees in the Forest pg 14)
I gleaned those four bullet points from the essay “How to Create Nonreaders” by Alfie Kohn. (Give it a google.) Those points spoke truth to me. That WAS what hooked my kids in. I need to remember them when facing the Close Reading monster that pervades our current pedagogy, especially as we start our junior and senior year where time is “running out.”
Steady on, Mom. Keep following your North Star.
#secularhomeschool #rootedinlanguage #homeschoolhighschool
  • I was hoping not to do these again this year. It began to feel more like a chore than fun for me. But my son still loves them, so here I am, gearing up for it. I bought this letter board thing, thinking it might put enough spin on it for me, but now I’m wondering if setting the letters will be a pain. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And now to start collecting literature lines for the year...
  • School supplies rolling it. #secularhomeschool #bravewriterlifestyle #metaphordice
  • Shakespeare planning! The Friendly Shakespeare has been one of my best school purchases, at least for me. We’re tackling three plays first semester. We’ll see how things go. Hamlet is first up! #secularhomeschool #homeschoolhighschool
  • I keep drinking out of this mug because SECULAR curriculum hunting! 🧐 I have spent all afternoon trying to find a quality rhetoric homeschool curriculum at the high school level that’s secular. I’m about to put some vodka in this mug. #secularhomeschool #homeschoolhighschool #secularhomeschooler

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