Have Fun with Your Teens

Carving Out Homeschool Togetherness with Teens

Getting teens together at the same time is hard. Different subjects studied, work schedules, social life, sleep schedules. Carving out that homeschool togetherness in the high school years is a challenge. Yet time is slipping away from me. Next year will be my oldest son’s last year homeschooling, then he’s off to college classes. Even if that’s a local community college, he’ll be out of the house. The cozy time learning together will be a thing of the past.

So I started a thing in April where I make up a fruit and cheese tray at 10 am and we do our high school English together. Each week at the grocery store I’ll select a new speciality cheese to try just for English hour. I’ve found food usually does the trick to draw teens around a common spot. Moths to a flame, you guys.