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Exploring Art with Teens: Find an Art Festival

We’re new transplants to the Atlanta area – just moved here in August – so we’re having fun discovering all of the annual “fests” of this area. When I find one that’s only fifteen minutes from our house and involves art, that’s a must-see “fest” to me.

Marietta Square hosts an annual Chalktoberfest and, let me tell you, it’s fantastic. You know I’m already a fan of street art, so of course I’m going to think it’s fantastic. But even my teens loved it and they aren’t as into street art as I am.

Obviously one way to a nerdy birdie’s heart is with geek art.

And it was funny to recognize famous paintings with playful slants…

“Mom, it’s the girl with the weasel painting!”

Or just replicas.

“Hey Mom, it’s the girl with the towel painting!”

The kids may not remember the official title of the paintings, but they do recognize it’s a famous painting so I’m giving myself a gold star in teaching art appreciation.

And the color, you guys. Just wow.

The 3-D designs were fabulous.

Don’t forget winter is coming.

This one has to be my favorite of the bunch. Yes, even beating out Star Wars. Look at her skin!

If you’re in the area for Chalktoberfest, I recommend going Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday. The artists haven’t had enough time on Saturday to make much progress, so you get to see more finished work on Sunday. We went right after lunch on Sunday and there were still quite a few artists still working on their piece. And I can tell you that Jack’s New Yorker Deli has one fabulous cuban sandwich too.



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  • Willow’s current favorite game is The Gingerbread Man game. She runs, runs, runs fast as she can. I can’t catch her. Willow wins Gingerbread Man.
  • She’s still stinkin’ cute. I still don’t like dog kisses in the face. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #catperson
  • Frankenweenie family movie night! Everyone I love in the same room together for two hours - a feat with teenagers and a traveling husband! I made dorky movie food. They thought it was cute. That’s a perfect Friday night in my book.
  • Many thanks to my dog-mom friends who have talked me through the WTF did I do, we were crazy to think we could handle a dog moments. Willow is SO FREAKING ADORABLE. She’s already sleeping through the night and has learned “leave it.” But OMG, a puppy, you guys. Going to co-op is now an ordeal, constantly watching for potty break signs, the biting. Sigh.
  • Our guiding question as we work through Frankenstein. Am I the only one who can get analysis overwhelm from some teacher guides? A 100 page teacher guide to Frankenstein? Holy cow! It’s too much. Are we trying to cover ALL THE THINGS in one book? Sure, there are dozens of interesting aspects we could analyze with any book. But I need a limit.
Trying to cover allusion and feminism and patriarchy and the nature of humanity and rights of the living and cloning and the tenets of romanticism and gothic literature and the educational theories of Locke and Rousseau (seriously not making that up) through one book...good grief, it’s exhausting.
What’s a provocative or interesting idea in this story? We still find that question enough of a jumping off point.
  • Breakfast read aloud for our October spooky theme. And when I say breakfast read aloud, I mean it’s October 9th and it’s the first day I’ve gotten my teens to the breakfast table at the same time AND I remembered to get the book out. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It still counts. #secularhomeschool #bravewriterteens #homeschoolhighschool #bravewriterlifestyle
  • Mystery Line Monday! We’re starting our spooky literature month, so the lines in October will come from various spooky works. I may do more than one line a week this month since I have several spooky lines. We’ll see how much crazy baby puppy brings to our life.😜
I’m not highlighting any literary elements in this one. It’s the idea I find intriguing. Something I want my teens to think about as they go out in the wider world and encounter different leadership. Also, we’re starting this book this week.
  • Hi! My name is Willow. I like toy crabs, pine straw and mad dashes in the yard to avoid nap time.

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